Monday, 17 August 2015

Board games nights in and around Manchester

Manchester Gaming groups

any night of the week for gamers in manchester area..

Monday :
The Warf
group size 50+
upstiars of a nice pub!

all sorts played
Carcassonne, X-wing, Netrunner, Splendor, battle star Galatica, the Resistance etc etc..
pretty much everything


Boardgame pals @ Fab cafe
FAB cafe do Tuesdays and there are more listed at:


D&D role playing @ fanboy 3 game shop, drop in games called D&D encounters
currently at time of posting several tables i beleive they have taken over the shop on this night
freindly good mix of dms and players

Card games:
small group of game of thrones players and netrunner players meet regularly

Boardgames again:
Salford & manchester  gamer haven @ Pendleton Gateway
need a link 


like the warf  all sorts played mostly boardgames, less 2 players type games



Rochdale :

Oldham  Diced tea



this group supports the local fire station:

there are other group out there too

i've not been to them but i've head of ones specific to werewolf game nights and many more
no excuses not to game at least once a week!

how finding games group just search!

ask in the game stores ( Fanboy 3 / Travelling man)

Good Luck